Chairman Message


Fellow Residents of the District of Pamplemousses

On 21 December 2016 I assumed the Chairmanship of the District Council of Pamplemousses with much humility, after being unanimously selected for the position by my colleagues Councillors.

Although Local Government in Mauritius has been existing for more than 200 years, our District Council is a new entity.  A serving member since its creation in 2012, I have been in wait since four years to address you as Chairman of the Council.

It is generally agreed that District Councils exist for the very purpose of promoting the Community’s general welfare.  They do not exist merely for the Councillors or the Officers.  Community involvement is, and should be the important preoccupation of Local Councils.  I am convinced that residents should be encouraged to participate in the local authority’s affairs, whether through the right of initiative or co-option.

In any way, Proximity and Responsiveness to the community will remain high on my agenda during my term of office.

Although the District Council of Pamplemousses is just 4 years old, we have many reasons to be proud of our achievement.  My predecessors have spared no effort in the promotion of top quality service coupled with honesty and courtesy.

I am committed to follow their path.  Yet, while I look upon the past for inspiration, I regard the accomplishment only as signposts to the future, as I believe that the future must come from within the communities where people live, work and have their being.

There is only one future.

It is a future of Diversity where communities work in harmony for sustainable human development.

It is a future of Partnership building on the strengths and contributions of all elements of Society.

I firmly believe in a policy which recognize the above principles, thereby allowing local councils to serve the common good and help in the making of a just and equitable “world of our own”.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Do not hesitate to contact me for any constructive suggestion you may have.

Sunael Singh PURGUS
Chairperson, District Council
Chairperson, Association of District Councils

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