Finance Department

The finance Department is headed by the Financial Controller and is supported by officers in the following cadres: Accountant, Financial Operations, Procurement and Supply and Management  & supporting Officer. The activities of the department are organized under five main sections:

Ø  Income

Ø  Expenditure

Ø  Pay Administration

Ø  Accounting

Ø  Procurement and Stores

The Finance Department is responsible for the financial administration of the Council. Its main functions are amongst others:

Ø  Collection of trade fees, building and land use fees and other fees

Ø  Preparation of payroll for employees and pensioners of the Council

Ø  Payment to Suppliers for goods and services

Ø  Preparation of  Budget

Ø  Preparation of Financial Statements

Ø  Procurement of goods and provision of store items to departments

The Finance Department is actually manned by five officers namely;

Ø  Mr Giovani Charles                               –  Ag Financial Controller

Ø  Miss Shireen Banu Kureemun                    –  Accountant

Ø  Mrs Roomila Manee                                       –  Principal Financial Officer

Ø  Mrs Suvesha Bundhoo-Ramdhony           – Assistant Financial Operation Officer

Ø  Mrs Pratima Devi Soobhug                          – Cashier


The approved budget of the Council for Fiscal Year 2014 amounts to Rs206,672,000


The operation and activities of the Council are financed mainly by:

Ø  Grant in Aid

Ø  Trade Fees

Ø  Permit Fees

Ø  Rental Fees

Whereas our major expenditure items are:

Ø  Salaries and Pensions

Ø  Electricity and other Utilities

Ø  Scavenging Service

Ø  Transport Costs and Maintenance of Vehicles

Ø  Social/Cultural and Sports Activities

Ø  Maintenance of Infrastructures

Ø  Finance Charges

Revenue of the Council

Trade Fee

Sections 122(2) and 122(4) of the Local Government Act 2011 provides that no person shall carry out a classified trade unless he has a Building and Land Use Permit under section 117 of the Act and paid the prescribed fee and any fee payable in respect of any financial year shall be due on the 1st January and shall be paid as follows:

(a)    Within 15 days after start of the classified trade; and

(b)   Thereafter in respect of every subsequent year in 2 equal instalments, the first one on or before 31 January and the second one on or before 31 July next ensuing.

Advertising and Publicity Fees

Advertising fees for display of advertisements on structures are collected by the Mauritius Revenue Authority. However, a Building and Land Use Permit from the District Council as well as the authorization of the Road Development Authority should be obtained for all structures placed along motor ways, classified roads and round abouts.

Fees payable for advertisements other than the above will be collected by the District Council.

Display of Advertisement on Wooden Board/Wall/Building/Tin or any other materials or under glass

Ø  Size- Not more than 3 m2 (per 0.1 m2)                                                   Rs 500

Ø  Size-  More than 3 m2 (per additional 0.1 m2 or fraction thereof)               Rs 50

Display of Advertisement on Electronic Board/Other Electronic Medium

Ø  Size- Not more than 3 m2 (per 0.1 m2)                                                  Rs 250                  

Ø  Size – more than 3 m2 (per additional 0.1 m2 or fraction thereof)              Rs 25

Fixing of poster

Ø  Size- Not more than 1 m2                             – Rs 10 per poster

Ø  Size- more than 1 m2                       &         -Rs 100 per poster

Admission Fees  –  10% of the sum paid for admission (as per Local Govt Act 2011 section 128, levy of admission

                                Charge subsection 2


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