The health department has an important role to play in the promotion of public health by the maintenance of a healthy environment and by providing certain protection against diseases. The responsibilities (section 50(2) of the Local Government Act 2011) of the health department are as follows:

• Providing scavenging services and cleansing of roads and public places.
• Cleansing of watercourses, drains and canals.
• Dealing with problems of wastelands.
• Issue of trade fee for commercial, industrial, professional and other related activities.
• Provision and regulation of public market and fairs.
• Management and maintenance of cemeteries and crematorium.
• Maintenance of traffic centers and public toilets.
• Attending complaints from public and taking appropriate legal action.

Scavenging Service

Scavenging service contributes enormously in the promotion of good health and sound environment (section 59 and 60 of LGA 2011). The District Council provides a weekly refuse collection in-house service in 13 villages and services of private contractors are hired in 3 villages (Triolet, Baie du Tombeau and Le Hochet). Furthermore, 2 coastal villages, namely Pointe aux Piments and Trou aux Biches, are under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Local Government but the funding are from the Council budget. Refuse which are collected are either disposed at the transfer stations of Poudre d’Or village or at Roche Bois.

The collaboration and understanding of the citizens are sought to maintain a good living environment free of pollution of any sort. Furthermore bins are provided in public places to facilitate collection of refuse.

To sensitise the villages, clean up campaigns in some specific problem areas are organised on a yearly basis, including collection of bulky wastes.

However, an occupier or owner who does not maintain his premises clean shall commit an offence and be liable to prosecution.

Cleaning of Wastelands

It is council’s policy to carry out frequent surveys of all wastelands found within the limits of its area and to take appropriate action. Notices are served upon known owners, requiring them to clean and maintain their respective plots of land.
Unfortunately, Council does not have a cadastral database of all owners of land. This explains the large number of wasteland.

Herbicide spraying

Herbicide is sprayed along all public roads (except classified roads) within the council area.

Cleaning of rivers, canals and drains.

As from this year, the council has a contracted service for cleaning of rivers, canals and drain.

Trade Licence

The issue of trade fee (section 122(2) of LGA 2011) is another function of the Health department. There are presently about 6000 economic operators in the council area.

Application of Trade fee

The applicant is required to call at the office. Several documents are needed for the processing of the trade fee, depending on the nature of the economic activity.


Trade fees are expired on 31st December and the holder has one month for renewal after that period lapses, a 50% fine has to be paid.
Any person operating without an appropriate trade fee causes an offense and is entailed for legal action.


The Council actually operates 2 market/fairs (section 56, 57 and 58 of the LGA 2011), one at Pamlemousses and another at Triolet.


Allocation of Stalls

Stalls in markets/fairs are allocated by expression of interest and publications are made in newspapers as and when vacant stalls are available. The following conditions will apply:
• Applicant must be a resident of the District Council Area
• Applicant must be unemployed.
• Applicant must personally work on the stall


Cemeteries and Crematorium

This council manages the following cemeteries (Section 50(2g) of LGA 2011):
• Bois Marchand Cemetery
• Old Cholera Cemetery
• Grande Rosalie Cemetery
• Plaine des Papayes Cemetery

In each of these cemeteries, specific areas have been provided for different communities like Hindu, Christians, Muslims and Chinese. Furthermore, the Council will soon set up a crematorium, at Bois Marchand Cemetery. The said crematorium will be provided with a hall, parking accommodation and facilities for performing rituals. In addition to that, another crematorium is being considered at Triolet Village.

Bois Marchand Cemetery is among the largest cemetery in the Indian Ocean (about 80 arpent). As at date, burials, tombs, monuments and records as far as 19th century can be found there. Several archeological works have been effected at the cemetery. Moreover, a section has been dedicated for animal burial and which is under the Supervision of the MSPCA.

The Old Cholera Cemetery is situated in the Pamplemousses village and it has got its name due to burial of person from Cholera disease previously.


  1. Mr. K. Ramessur – Ag. Chief Health Inspector
  2. Mr. M. Enouf – Senior Health Inspector


No. of Field Supervisor(scavenging) (roster)
No. of Drivers (roster)
No. of Refuse Collector (roster)
No. of chemical sprayer operator
No. of Handy worker
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