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The Land Use and Planning Department


The Land Use and Planning Department has the responsibility to provide service devoted to development of land in an orderly manner and for the issue of The Building and Land Use Permit (BLP) and Outline Planning Permission (OPP) within the jurisdiction of The Pamplemousses District Council Area under the following Acts and Regulations:

·         The Local Government Act 2012;

·         The Building Control Act 2012;

·         The Town and Country Planning Act 1954;

·         The Planning and Development Act 2004;

·         The Environment Protection Act;

·         Sugar Industry Efficiency Act and

·         Any Guidelines issued under the above Acts


The Department is organized as follows:


The Department is also responsible for complaints with respect to unlawful development and initiating legal action where required.

According to Section 117 (2) of the Local Government Act 2011, any person who intends to:

·         Commence the construction or demolition of a building, or effect extensive alterations, additions or repairs to an existing building;

·         carry out development, including demolition of a building, in the Buffer Zones;

·         any site preparation works or excavation works carried out including urban landscaping works;

·         Means the carrying out of any building, engineering, mining, or other works or operations in, on, under or over land, or the making of             any material change to the use of land or to any building or Morcellement

Shall apply for a Building and Land Use Permit or an Outline Planning Permission as the case may be, However an OPP does not authorised the holder to start work on the land to which the application relates and unless a BLP is issued.


Any noncompliance with the above is an offence and may be liable for prosecution before the relevant court of law.



Application for Building and Land Use Permit / OPP are clustered as follows:


·         Residential including residential apartments/tall buildings

·         Commercial

·         Services

·         Small Enterprises/Handicraft Enterprises

·         Industrial

·         Sui Generis

·         Excision/Subdivision of land among heirs


Application forms:


·         Form BLP1 – Residential Development not exceeding G + 3 levels,

·         Form BLP2– Excision of 1 lot/ subdivision of land among heirs

·         Form BLP3- Economic Activities/Small Enterprise, Residential Development above G + 3 levels, Telecommunication                         structures/facilities, Places of public worship

·         Form OPP – Application for Outline Planning Permission

·         Request Form for Exempt Development: Exempt Development


Checklist for BLP Application


·         3 sets of plans drawn to metric scale & signed by a Draughtman/Architect.
(ii) Location, site & layout plan.
(iii) Main elevation & section.
(iv) Structural details

·         Copy of title deed or lease.

·         Copy of survey plan for morcellement only.

·         Lease & planning clearance from Ministry of Housing & Lands in case of stateland.

·         Photocopy of Identity card

·          Where applicable:
– Business Registration Number
– Registered consent of owner/power of attorney
– Registered consent from neighbour
– Copy of PER/EIA licence (Preliminary Environment Report)
– General rate receipt.
– WWMA Clearance
– Newspaper publications 
– Plate notification certificate
– Certificate of Registration with SEHDA
– Affidavit for hardship case & morc.
– Copy of certificate of incorporation.
– CEB, CWA & SEWERAGE clearances
– Copy of all structural details of existing structure
– architectural drawings signed by VAT registered Architect for building of 150m2 and above.


Pay a processing fee of Rs500.00



Checklist for OPP application



·         Copy of title deeds

·         Survey plan (if available)

·         Copy of ID card of applicant

·         Owner’s consent if applicant is not the owner with copy of ID Card of owner

·         A precise location plan to the scale of 1:25,000

·         Where relevant, a context plan to the scale of 1:25,000 showing all uses within a radius of 500m

·         Documentary evidence of compliance with notification procedures, where applicable;

·         Where relevant, a contour plan of the site

·         A site plan to the scale of 1:100 showing existing uses, indicative layout with setbacks, indicative parking layout and                        indicative vehicular access points.

·         Development brief including plot coverage, indicative floor area and indicative building heights.

·          Pay a processing fee of Rs500.00


Note: All application must be inline with the

BLP Guide





BLP  Fees



Processing fee

Rs 500





Building & Land Use Permit fee:



Change of use from one cluster to another

Rs 1000


Change of use within same cluster (Where a BLP is required)

 Rs 1000


Construction of building or part of building, including extension

to/or conversion of existing building



Floor are of not more than 250m² 

Rs 10/ m2 (Subject to a minimum fee of Rs 500)


Floor area of more than 250 m2 but not more than 500 m2

Rs 20/ m2


Floor area of more than 500 m2

Rs 50/ m2


Development by small enterprise registered with the SEHDA

Rs 500


Engineering or other operations in, on, over and the land

(including rock quarry, golf course, marina)

Rs 5000


Excision/subdivision of land among heirs

Rs 500/Lot


Extensive alterations, additions or repairs to an existing building

Rs 1000



Obligation of holder of Building and Land Use Permit (under section 121(1)(2) of the Local Government Act and section 17 of the Building Control Act)



Where a person is issued with a BLP, he shall


·         before commencing any building works, inform the local authority which has issued him with the permit;

·         at all times comply with the conditions of the permit; and

·         at all times during which buildings works are being undertaken, comply with such guidelines as may be issued, or regulations as may be made, by the Fire Services, the Sanitary Authority, the Energy Efficiency Management Office, the National Heritage Fund or any Ministry.

·         shall forthwith inform the Municipal City Council, Municipal Town Council or District Council of the date from which he occupies the building.


Frequently Asked Questions – Planning Department




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