The Administration Department

The Administration Department is the nerve centre of the District Council of Pamplemousses. It has the main responsibility of overseeing the activities of all the other departments, so that an efficient and effective service is provided to the citizens.

The Chief Executive is the head of the administration. He is assisted by a Deputy Chief Executive and an Assistant Chief Executive in carrying out his administration duties.

The Chief Executive Department comprises of the following sections:

IT Section

This section is headed by the IT Officer/ Systems Administrator who is responsible for:-

1) The Management of computer hardware and information systems of the Council namely: Payroll System, Accounting System, Building and Land Use Permit System and Trade Fee System.
2) The Physical and logical/logistics security aspects of the computer systems
3) Database/Network Administration and Management
4) Assessment of the hardware and software requirements of the Council
5) Provision of appropriate training to District Council Staff and supervision of officers working in the Information Technology Section.

Registry/ Committee

The section’s main duties consist of:

i. Ensuring that there is a proper filling system and all files are safely kept and easily retrievable.
ii. All correspondences received are properly channeled.
iii. Monitor the use of photocopying /franking machines.
iv. Ensuring that all correspondence to be considered by council is tabled
v. To ensure timely completion of minutes of proceedings

The Section is actually serviced by Two Executive Officers and a clerical officer, who also perform the work of Committee Clerk on a roster basis.

Human Resource Section

The main duties of the Human Resource Department is concerned with Appointments/ Promotion of staff members, Retirements, Pensions, normal increments, leave and Passage Benefits, uniforms and Protective Equipments, Training, Discipline, Industrial Relations.

The Human Resource Section is for the time being serviced by a Human Resource Officer who is assisted by a Clerical Officer.

Internal Control Section

The core of the Audit Function is to ensure accountability and compliance with procedures.

The Internal Control Section is required to give particular attention to the following areas:-
(1) Travelling/ Transport; (2) Store; (3) Project Monitoring; (4)Trade Fees; (5) Building and Land Use Permits etc

The Health & Safety Unit

The Council has a full time Health and Safety Officer who has the responsibility of implementing the approved Health Policy Statement.

Our statement of general policy is:

o To provide adequate safety and health control in relation to any risks arising from our work activities
o To provide and maintain safe plants and equipment
o To ensure safe storage, handling, use or transport of articles and substances
o To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees
o To ensure that all employees are competent to do their work safely and provide them with adequate training
o To prevent accidents and work related diseases
o To maintain safe and healthy working environment for our employees and customers
o To promote awareness and understanding of safety and health throughout the workplace
o To consult our employees on matters affecting their safety, health and welfare at the workplace
o To promote a safety culture and best practices with regards to safety and health
o To review and revise the policy as necessary at regular intervals

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