welfare depart-FAQ

1. I intend to use the Plaine des Papayes village hall for a ceremony. What are the procedures?

                  • You can either call at the office (Welfare Department on 243-8300 or make an application in writing)

                  • Once your application is received and the hall is free on the date you intend to use, you have

                  i. To pay a deposit of Rs1500, this is refundable after using the hall. However, if damage is caused, the deposit is being forfeited.

                  ii. To settle the final fees for allocation of the hall at least two months prior to the event. The fees are as follows:

                                    a. Duration of 3 hours – Rs4500

                                    b. Duration of 6 hours – Rs6500

                                    c. Duration of 9 hours – Rs9000

                  • For all events after 18.00 hrs, police assistance should be sought and applicants must bring the copy of the police receipt along while effecting the final payment.

2. I have a child and I intend to place him/her in the Council pre-primary schools. What to do?

                  • Application forms are available at our Pre-Primary School, address: School Lane, Calebasses, next to Community Health Centre.

                  • The Kindergarten targets children aged between 3 to 5 years old and for only those who live within the District Council of Pamplemousses.

                  • The service is operated on a first come and first serve basis under a quota of 30 children.

                  • The applicants are requested to bring one copy and the originals of the following documents:

                                    a. Birth certificate of the child

                                    b. Birth certificate of parents

                                    c. Marriage certificate of parents

                                    d. Identity card of parents or responsible party

                                    e. Payslip of parents

                                    f. Current Utility bill

                  • School hours are as from 09.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs

                  • Monthly fees are Rs200

3. I intend to hire flags, podium and poles for a ceremony. What need to be done?

                  • You will have to send your application letter to the District Council, highlighting clearly your contact details, type of function and the date of your event.

                  • The Council will process your application and will inform you of the outcome.

                  • Only a maximum of 10 flags and poles are available for rental.

                  • Applicant will have to sign an acknowledgment form.

4. We have a football, Volleyball, Bocciball (Petanque) and Basket Ball team and we wish to play on the Council’s playgrounds. How to proceed?

                  • You will have to contact the Chairperson of the respective Village Council.

                  • The Village Council will process your application and you will be informed accordingly.

                  • Upon the availability of the playing field, you will be requested to read and sign the conditions to return the Council’s property in proper conditions.

5. I intend to organize a social, cultural or religious activity. In what ways the Council
can help?

                  • You will have to send your request to the Council with all your contact details.

                  • Your application will be processed.

                  • You will be informed about the facilities and services that you will be provided by the Council.

6. I am a victim of fire and all my belongings have been damaged. In what way can the
Council help me?

                  • You have to send a letter to the District Council, notifying that you are a victim of fire or natural disaster, underlying clearly your contact details. Along you should attach a copy of your ID Card, copy of statement from Fire Station and Police Station.

                  • After the Council’s decision, a grant of Rs2,500 will be provided to you.

7. I wish to take part in the sewing course available at the Council. How to proceed?

                                    a. Note that the duration of the course is for three years. Registration is to be made in January for the admission of new students.

                                    b. The Council provides free sewing courses at namely Plaine des Papayes, Fond du Sac and Terre Rouge Village Hall from Noon to 15.00 hrs respectively.

                                    c. Applications should be sent to the Council before January, including clearly your contact details.

                                    d. Selection is made on a first come and first serve basis.

8. I intend to hire the service of an aluminum bier for a funeral. What has to be done?

                  • Aluminum biers are available in all Village Councils.

                  • You will have to contact the Chairperson of the respective Village Council.

9. I wish to follow an aerobic and yoga class. How to proceed?

                  • Aerobic and yoga classes are provided in all Village Councils.

                  • You will have to contact the Chairperson of the respective Village Council.

10. If I come across a damaged children playground equipment or other damaged
Council’s property, what to do?

                  • Kindly phone on 243-8300 and give all the details about the complaint.

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