With its unique rustic setting, the district of Pamplemousses oozes a vast spectrum of natural beauty.
set in one of the most agriculture-driven region of Mauritius. It is a symbol of the sugarcane industry as well as being a capsule capturing the French Renaissance era of ‘Chateaux et Jardins’.

Election of new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

I wish to inform you that an election for a new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for the Village Council of Calebasses was held today 26 February 2024 whereby Mr Salim Acktar ODERUTH  and Mr Iran SHAH have been elected as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively.

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Message From Chairperson

On 02 December 2020, I assumed as the Chairperson of the District Council of Pamplemousses after being elected unanimously by my colleagues Councillors.

Our residents play a primary role to how this program is managed.  The real strength of our Council is its people.

As a Chairperson I have only one goal in mind: the well-being of all the inhabitants of the District Council of Pamplemousses.  Being given that I am a social worker for nearly 40 years, I have a great vision for the Council, to work in such a way that there will be no comparison between a town and a village. 

My goal is to satisfy all the villagers and I am ready to give my best. I want every villager to feel comfortable and satisfied with the service they receive.  The Council is committed to serve and to interact with our residents and serve as the benchmark for how the Council is perceived in our communities.

The three basic needs of a villager are that his waste is collected when he gets up in the morning. When he goes to work, he expects an asphalt road and when he returns home late at night, the lights illuminate the road. 


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