L’aventure Du Sucre Museum

L’aventure Du Sucre Museum

Pamplemousses offers two tourist sites namely the botanical garden and also a very informative and interactive museum set up in an old sugar cane factory. A signposted path leads the visitors through the showrooms so that you cannot get lost.

Who thinks that this museum is only about sugar cane production thinks wrong. There Mauritius’ history, which it strongly connected to the sugar cane, as well as the meaning of the sugar in the past and the present is displayed. The actual production of the sugar, how it is harvested and the different processes, of course are not missed out and will be explained in a descriptive way. Another part of the exhibition give explanation to the journey of the sugar and the history of the worldwide trade.

This large amount of information is presented in different ways. You get many informative panels, but also videos, pictures and interactive areas. These are very popular with the children. Here you can turn gears, push buttons and listen into pipes. The small visitors can watch a film which will introduce children into the world of sugar with the help of two mascots “Raj” and “Floryse”. These two guide the children through the whole exhibition. Children will always find questions for the different thematic areas which makes the kids want to discover. Small envelopes reveal the answer.

In one Area of the museum you will find traveling exhibitions. There you can for example view Mauritian photography art. Another exhibition is about nutrition facts and hunger. These exhibitions also convince with their professionalism and lovingly layout.

People seeking for a souvenir will find something in the museum owned boutique. Here you will find everything on the topic sugar, but also t-shirts, bags, spices and many more.

The Restaurant “Le Fangourin” invites to end the day in a nice atmosphere. It is situated next to the museum.

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